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Deep Dive in Angular Forms

The course goes way beyond the official documentation and shows you how the Angular forms work internally, so You understand why things work as they work

  • Almost 110 Videos (≈ 12.5 Hours) dedicated to Angular Forms created by Google Developer Expert in Angular and Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies

  • The course covers both Template-Driven and Reactive Forms

  • You will learn how dynamically generate a form with validators from a simple JSON object

  • Deep understanding of what is going on under the Hood by reviewing and analyzing the source code of Angular Forms

  • Forget about Angular Material hacking! 😌 You will be able to build your own complex form controls like Select Component which supports multi-selection, accessible keyboard navigation and option filtering

  • Solid understanding of the different types of validations and how to create custom validators

  • How to implement a scalable architecture for validation errors management

  • Lifetime access to all videos in the course & all course updates

  • Full access to the source code of the course

  • NEW 🔥 Added English Subtitles to all lessons

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Excellent course

Aristeidis Bampakos | GDE for Angular | Author of the book "Angular Projects"

I am already halfway through @DecodedFrontend Advanced #Angular Forms course and I am amazed by the detail of the content provided 🤯 Dmytro has done a great job demystifying concepts of Angular Forms that are hard to understand 💯 - See Tweet

This Is The Best Of The Best Regarding Resources For Learning Angular Forms

Fatima Amzil - Google Developer Expert for Angular, Software Engineer, and Writer

This is the best of the best regarding resources for learning Angular Forms! Thanks a lot, @DecodedFrontend, for making such high-quality content about Angular Forms. I wish I had this course years ago when I started learning Angular!

Best Course about Angular Forms

Amadou Sall – Google Developer Expert for Angular & Frontend Software Engineer at Air France

This is the best and the most comprehensive course about Angular forms you will find on the Internet. It covers everything from the basics to the most advanced topics. Dmytro is such a great teacher. Even if you consider yourself an Expert in Angular, if you don’t take this course, you’re missing out on something big.

An Excellent Resource for Advanced Angular Forms

Aurora Shehu | Senior Angular Developer

I recently took the Advanced Angular Forms video course and was thoroughly impressed. The course was well-organized and easy to follow, with clear explanations and plenty of examples to illustrate key concepts. One of the strengths of the course was the instructor's ability to break down complex concepts into manageable chunks.

Incredible Content

Andrey Chayko | Senior Frontend Developer at Semine AI

If you’ve ever wondered about how Angular forms really work, then this course is what you are really looking for! A massive thank you to Dmytro for such incredible content and “under the hood” sections.

New level of Courses

Viktor Kushnirenko | FE Developer (Angular)

My best investment for last year. What a surprise was for me when besides the main theme (advanced angular forms) I gained also some best practices during training. Simple about complex, excellent explanations and super convenient prepared GIT project. See the full feedback on LinkedIn

Invaluable Material

Uğur Salın | Frontend Developer

It is hard to find quality content on advanced Angular concepts. It is even harder to find them explained in a simple and concise manner. Luckily, Dmytro excels in both. Great job making custom controls very easy to understand.

This course is something incredible!

Kostiantyn Kifor | Frontend Developer

In my opinion, Dmitry currently creates the best Angular content. He explains everything very clearly. After this course, you will master all the skills and knowledge about forms perfectly! As for the price-quality ratio, this is an extremely cheap price for such content!

Absolutely Fantastic Course

James Evans

This is an incredible course, it is the most in-depth angular forms course I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few. Dmytro goes into so much detail on each of the features of how angular forms works and drills down into the angular source code to give a very solid foundation which you can carry forward into your development. It’s definitely not a beginner course! Many thanks to Dmytro for putting together such a detailed course on a very complicated topic.

This Is The Great Content

Luis Castro Cabrera | Frontend Developer

Just bought the Angular Forms course by @DecodedFrontend and I already spent a couple of my insomnia hours looking at it… this is great content and top-quality explanation, thanks for this Dmytro
See on Twitter

This is What You Will Learn

Videos are structured into separate and independent modules for your convenience

  • 1

    Before You Dive

  • 2

    Template-Driven Forms in Angular

  • 3

    Reactive Forms in Angular

    • Under the Hood of Reactive Forms Module

    • Binding Form Model with the Template in Reactive Forms

    • Under the Hood of FormGroup and FormControlName Directives

    • Basic Form Grouping in Reactive Forms

    • Grouping Controls into an Array

    • Grouping of Complex Data in FormArray

    • Submitting the Form

    • Standalone Controls in the Reactive Forms

    • Strict Typings in Reactive Forms

    • Non-Nullable FormControls Explained

    • Add FormControls dynamically to the existing Form

    • FormRecord and the difference from FormGroup

    • Reduce boilerplate using Form Builders

    • Introducing Control Statuses in Reactive Forms

    • How Control Status tracking works under the Hood

    • Applying the basic validation to the Reactive Form

    • Apply built-in validators to the rest of controls

    • How to show Error Messages for Form Controls

    • Improving error messages giving more meaningful information

    • How to create a Custom Validator in Reactive Forms

    • Cross-Field Validators in Reactive Forms

    • How to Add or Remove Validators Dynamically in Reactive Forms

    • Async Validators in Reactive Forms

    • How to properly reset Form using ReactiveForms

  • 4

    Value Accessor and custom Form Controls

    • What is the role of ValueAccessor in Angular Forms?

    • Overview of the Default Value Accessor Implementation

    • How the Default Value Accessor is used Internally

    • Built-In Value Accessors in Angular Forms

    • Angular Forms with 3rd Party controls and DefaultValueAccessor

    • Implementing Custom Value Accessor Directive

    • Implementing custom Rating Picker with corresponding custom Value Accessor

  • 5

    Masterclass: Complex Form Control Implementation (Drop-Down with Multi-Selection, Searching & Keyboard Navigation)

    • Installing Required Libs and Creating Dedicated Component

    • Implementing basic layout for Select Component

    • Implementing Drop-Down Panel

    • Adding Animations to the Drop-Down Panel

    • Option Component Pt.1 - Basic implementation

    • Option Component Pt.2 - Adding "disabled" State

    • Highlighting the initially selected Option

    • Implementing Value Selection using Angular CDK's SelectionModel Class.

    • Fix the Bug when the Select value changes dynamically

    • Improving Types for Select and Option components

    • Making Components Work with Dynamic Data and Different Change Detection Strategies

    • Resolving Display Value when a Complex Data Structure is used

    • Making Select Component to properly resolve complex Data Structures

    • Improving the Selection Algorithm

    • Implementing Multi-Selection Feature

    • Clear Up Current Selections

    • Fixing the Issue with Overlay z-index

    • Implementing Option Searching Feature

    • Implementing of the DISABLED state for the Select Component

    • Implementing Control Value Accessor Pt. 1

    • Implementing Control Value Accessor Pt. 2

    • Keyboard Navigation: Basic Navigation Through the Select Options

    • Keyboard Navigation: Select Item by ENTER & Autoscroll to the Active Option

  • 6

    Creating a Form Dynamically from JSON config using Reactive Forms

    • Creating Basic Layout for the Playground

    • Create JSON Config & Corresponding Interfaces

    • Render the Form From Config

    • How to resolve and Apply Validators to Dynamic Forms

    • Improve Typings of Dynamic Validator Keys

    • Render Error Messages for Dynamic Controls

    • Improve the Form Architecture with Dynamic Components Pt.1

    • Improve the Form Architecture with Dynamic Components Pt.2

    • Improve the Form Architecture with Dynamic Components Pt.3

    • Extending the Dynamic Form with new Control Types and Validators

    • Add FormGroup support to the Dynamic Form

    • Improving HTML Structure for Dynamic Form Controls

    • Bonus: Lazy Loading of Dynamic Controls

    • Bonus: Remove formGroup wrapper from Dynamic Control Component templates

    • Bonus: Customization of the Dynamic Controls Order

    • Bonus: Making Dynamic Controls Self-Contained (Architecture Improvement)

  • 7

    Global Validation Error Management

    • Extracting Error Messages Into a Separate Component

    • Making Error Messages More Descriptive and Configurable

    • Minor Improvements and Refactoring of InputError component

    • Creating Error Messages Dynamically Pt.1

    • Creating Error Messages Dynamically Pt.2

    • Cleaning Up: Remove Unnecessary RxJS Filter

    • Rendering Error Messages Dynamically when Form Control is Touched/Dirty/or Form is submitted

    • Implementing a Global and Customizable Strategy on When Error messages Has to Be Shown

    • Add Support of Dynamic Error Messages for the Form Groups

    • How to Disable Error Rendering for a Certain Form Control or Group

    • How Render Error Messages in a Custom View Slot/Container

    • Before You Go...

  • 8


    • Addition 1 - Demystifying the 2-way data-binding in Angular

    • Addition 2 - Assigning the Directive Instances to Template Variables

And Here is the Result

It is just one of the custom form controls we will build in the course but there are more...

For Whom Is This Course

This course is a perfect choice for you if...

  • 🤓

    You have some Angular experience but are looking for a "deep dive" into the topic and you want to figure out how everything works under the hood.

  • ⚙️

    Your Angular application consists of a lot of forms, custom controls, and validation rules

  • 😫

    You want to learn how to create custom form controls because you are tired of hacking the Angular Material components and trying to adjust them to the "creative" whims of your UI Designers & Managers

Meet Your Instructor

Google Developer Expert in Angular | Microsoft MVP | Author of Decoded Frontend

Dmytro Mezhenskyi

My name is Dmytro Mezhenskyi. I have been working as a Frontend Developer since 2012 and I have experience with different projects, different scales, and frameworks. In 2020 I decided to run my YouTube channel "Decoded Frontend" about Web Development where I share my knowledge. Teaching has inspired me a lot and I decided to continue with it also on other platforms in order to help hundreds of people to be better developers.

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    Unfortunately, yes... Though I tried to explain many things in detail, you need some experience with Angular anyway (at least 6 months). To feel comfortable, you should know such basic things as Angular Directives, Dependency Injection, and basic RxJs. If you just started with Angular I would recommend getting back to this course a little bit later

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  • Which Angular version is used in the course?

    Initially, the course was created with Angular 14 but it will be updated for the next major Angular versions if necessary.

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    There will be course patches in case new Angular Forms features are released or if some bug in the course project is discovered.

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