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  • Opportunity to Have a Mock-Interview with Google Developer Expert in Angular

  • Constantly growing Database of the most popular Interview Questions (more then 90 questions)

  • Extensive Answers to Questions with code Examples

  • Covering of Possible Follow-Up Questions

  • Included Possible RxJS and TypeScript Questions

  • Recommendations From the Instructor Who Has Been on Both Sides as Interviewer and Interviewee

  • Questions cover Junior, Middle and Senior Levels

Meet your Instructor

Google Developer Expert in Angular | Author of Decoded Frontend

Dmytro Mezhenskyi

My name is Dmytro Mezhenskyi. I have been working as a Frontend Developer since 2012 and I have experience with different projects, different scales, and frameworks. In 2020 I decided to run my YouTube channel "Decoded Frontend" about Web Development where I share my knowledge. Teaching has inspired me a lot and I decided to continue with it also on other platforms in order to help hundreds of people to be better developers.

Interview Topics

Each Topic Has 1-8 Questions Sorted From Junior to Senior

  • 1

    Before You Send CV

  • 2

    Angular Essential Questions

    • Name Main Building Blocks in Angular

    • Let's talk about Angular Modules

    • Questions about Attribute Directives

    • Structural Directives in Angular

    • Angular Pipes. What / Why & When

    • More About ASYNC Pipe in Angular

    • Questions about Angular Services

    • Directives vs Components

    • Angular Modules vs ES6 Modules

    • Types of Angular App Compilation (AOT & JIT)

    • Server-side rendering in Angular (SSR)

    • Lifecycle Hooks in Angular Components/Directives/etc

    • What New Angular Features You Know

    • Which Feature You Are Missing in Angular?

    • Explain Dependency Injection Pattern

    • Dependency Injection - Explain Hierarchical Structure

    • Dependency Injection - How Angular Resolves Dependencies

    • Resolution Modifiers in Angular DI

    • Dependency Providers in Angular DI

    • Questions about Injection Tokens

    • Angular IVY

    • Angular Change Detection Questions Pt.1

    • Angular Change Detection Questions Pt.2

  • 3

    TypeScript Questions

  • 4

    RxJs Questions

    • RxJs Basics

    • Operators in RxJS

    • Subjects in RxJS

    • Promises vs Observables

    • Hot vs Cold Observables

    • RxJs - Memory leaks

    • Flattening Operators - What is that & When We Should Use Them

    • Flattening Operators - mergeMap vs switchMap vs concatMap vs exhaustMap

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    This option gives you lifetime access to all video lectures for the course including also all updates

  • Basic

    You get everything from the 1st option and additionally 1 Mock Interview + Detailed Feedback. It is the best way to find out your level and expose knowledge gaps before the real Angular interview!

  • Advanced

    If you are looking for the best and personalized experience - this option is for you! It includes everything from the previous 2 options and additionally 5 hours of personalized training & mentoring sessions. Warning! It may drastically increase your chances of getting a job offer

First Reviews About The Course


5 star rating

I love it! It is a great course so far

Sam Velych

It is my 3rd course I bought from Dmyto and it is awesome again! Maybe I am biased but I really love what this guy is doing. I didn't finish the whole course...

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It is my 3rd course I bought from Dmyto and it is awesome again! Maybe I am biased but I really love what this guy is doing. I didn't finish the whole course yet only 1 section and TypeScript but I already defined some gaps in my knowledge (though I am quite experienced). Well done and looking forward for the mock interview in 2 weeks Dmytro! P.s the best speed to watch is 1.25x or 1.5x

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Do not worry! If the course doesn't meet your expectation, you can request money back within 14 Days after you purchased the course. You lose basically nothing but chances that you get the desired job offer will definitely increase!


  • Would be the course useful for Architects and Principal Devs?

    This course is focused on Junior, Middle, and Senior levels. Principals and Architects most probably won't benefit from the course too much

  • Is the any guarantee that I will get a job after the course?

    No, it is NOT guaranteed that you eventually get a job offer but it can drastically increase your chances.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the course?

    Sorry to hear that... Sure thing that you can request your money back within 14 Days after Purchase and if your course progress is less than 70% and you didn't have mock-interview yet. In order to request a refund, write to dmytro@decodedfrontend.io

  • How I can book a Mock-Interview?

    In the "Welcome" email you will get a link to Calendly with open time slots, so you can pick a date and time which works for you

  • Does the course include questions about Algorithms & Data Structures

    No, these topics are dropped in this course