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Write Tests Consciously

At the end of the course, you will be able to write and debug tests with a full and in-depth understanding of what you are doing and how things are working.

  • Explore > 53 engaging videos (≈ 7 hours in total), all focused on Angular testing. These are expertly crafted by a Google Developer Expert in Angular and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies

  • The course is designed for developers with some Angular experience but newbies in Angular Testing

  • Designed with Angular 16 and covers testing of standalone Angular building blocks API.

  • Homeworks: Apply your new skills to specially designed use cases for practical learning

  • Best practices that make your tests stable, clearer and more reusable.

  • Lifetime access to all videos in the course & all course updates

  • Full access to the source code of the course

  • Certificate about course completion

  • English subtitles (coming later...)

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Dany Paredes

Google Developer Expert for Angular | Senior Frontend Developer

Testing in Angular is scary for many developers, including me. I wish I had found this course earlier. It really helps you understand Angular testing, from the basic to the advanced parts, which are important for real work. The course clearly explains things like Testbed, setting up tests, lifecycle hooks, and adding dependencies. It teaches you how to write non-fragile tests, deal with standalone components, and more. After this, I am no longer scared of writing tests in Angular

Incredible Content

Andrey Chayko | Senior Frontend Developer at Semine AI

Dmytro's Conscious Angular Testing is an absolute game-changer! This course, crafted by a seasoned expert, provides a seamless blend of theory and hands-on experience, guiding you through the intricacies of testing in Angular with unparalleled clarity. Elevate your coding expertise and ensure bulletproof applications with this must-have resource for any Angular developer.

Pavlo Naduda

Software Developer

This course, with its well-organized structure and practical examples, proved immensely useful for me in simplifying complex concepts. The modular format makes it valuable for both beginners and those seeking specific insights. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their skills!

This is What You Will Learn

Videos are structured into separate and independent modules for your convenience

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • Getting Access to Project Source Code

  • 2

    Software Testing Basics

  • 3

    Angular Topics That Help With Testing

  • 4

    Angular Testing Basics

    • Dev Environment Setup & Projects Overview

    • Testing Simple Util Functions

    • HOMEWORK 1: Testing Util Functions

    • Testing a Simple Angular Service

    • Testing Service with Dependencies (Injection Token)

    • Testing Services with inject() function (using runInInjectionContext)

    • Testing Services with inject() (using TestBed.inject)

    • Overview of the TestBed Tool

    • Setting Up Test Case for Components

    • Component Fixture Overview

    • Change Detection in Testing Component

    • Querying Elements in Tests (Native Element vs Debug Element)

    • What to Test in Angular Components?

    • Testing of Component Inputs

    • TIP: How to make your tests less fragile Pt.1

    • TIP: How to make your tests less fragile Pt.2

    • Testing Components with OnPush Change Detection Strategy

    • Testing Component with Host Directives

    • How to test Component Events and Event Handlers

    • Introducing the testing approach using Test Host Component

    • Testing Content Projection in Components

    • Improving test setup using setup function

    • How to setup & test Standalone Components

    • Testing Component Outputs without Test Host

    • How To Test Component Outputs using TestHost strategy

    • HOMEWORK 2: Component Testing

    • How to Test Attribute Directives

    • HOMEWORK 3: Testing Attribute Directive

    • How to test Angular Pipes

    • How to test Pipes with Dependencies

    • HOMEWORK 4: Testing an Angular Pipe with Dependency

    • Components with Dependencies: Deep Rendering Strategy

    • Components with Dependencies: Shallow Rendering Strategy (NO_ERROR_SCHEMA)

    • Components with Dependencies: Shallow Rendering Strategy (Stubs)

    • Pitfalls Using Stubs with @ViewChild(ren) Decorator

    • Deep Rendering vs NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA vs Stubs

    • How To Test Components with NgFor (+stubs);

    • Components with Dependencies (standalone): Deep Rendering Strategy

    • Components with Dependencies(standalone): Shallow Rendering Strategy (Stubs)

    • Structural Directive Testing | Directive overview

    • Structural Directive Testing | Testing Plan

    • Structural Directive Testing | Testing Embeded View Rendering

    • Structural Directive Testing | Testing Async Code

    • Structural Directive Testing- Testing the Countdown Clock

  • 5

    Testing Smart Components

    • ... Coming soon (Jan/March 2024) ...

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