Hasura is awesome

Hasura GraphQL Engine is my best finding in 2020! You just connect your Database to Hasura and out of the box you get this:

  • Transforming your Database into a GraphQL server with built-in reach sorting, full-text search & pagination.

  • Real-Time GraphQL Subscriptions to the Hasura GraphQL server

  • Integration and delegation of custom business logic to micro-services (REST & GraphQL)

  • Authentication with JWT tokens, Custom Authentication with WebHooks, and Access with Admin Secret token

  • Create role-based access to the Data (Admin/User/Whatever-Role)

  • Configurable for different environments like Development or Production

  • Database Migrations & Metadata which help your Database evolve successfully

Bonus material

Besides Essentials of Hasura GraphQL Engine you will also learn

  • Firebase Ecosystem

    Setup and using Firebase Cloud Functions and other Firebase features like Authentication, Uploading files to Firebase Storage and serving your Web Apps on free Firebase Hosting

  • Angular & React Apps

    We are going to build 2 Web Apps with React & Angular using Typescript which will handle Authentication, File uploading, basic GraphQL operations with Apollo Client and also auto-typings generation for Typescript.

  • Deployment Pipelines

    Unlike many other courses we will not stop on local development. With GitHub Actions we will build an infrastructure with Dev & Prod environments and deploy project on "git push" or when merge request happened.

Course curriculum

This is what you will learn in this course

Meet your Instructor

Google Developer Expert in Angular | Author of Decoded Frontend

Dmytro Mezhenskyi

My name is Dmytro Mezhenskyi. I have been working as a Frontend Developer since 2012 and I have experience with different projects, different scales, and frameworks. In 2020 I decided to run my YouTube channel "Decoded Frontend" about Web Development where I share my knowledge. Teaching has inspired me a lot and I decided to continue with it also on other platforms in order to help hundreds of people to be better developers.

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  • Is it for beginners?

    You should have some little experience with Web Development & Docker. Knowledge of Hasura are not required

  • What if I didn't like the course... Can I get back my money?

    Sorry to hear that... But of course you can get your money back within 14 Days after purchase and if the course progress less then 70%

  • Hasura 2.0 is coming. Will be the course updated?

    Yes, the course will be updated when Hasura Team release a stable version of Hasura 2.0

  • Which Databases supported by Hasura

    So far Hasura supports only PostgresSQL but support of MSSQL and MySQL is on the roadmap